Samstag, 1. März 2014

dc #129: VASE

At home in the Castle at the Eisenbach are always flowers...
and many vases to put them into and feed them with fresh water.

Bouquet of the Youngest

I portray them with flowers and blossoming branches

and without. 

The day passes very quickly as I 
gaze at my vases like a chess player. Put them carefully in position to each other... considering form and surface structure, size, material and colour and personality

I start to draw with pencil and crayon, later I take watercolour and

at last a clippers.

Somehow this all reminds me on the Italian artist: Giorgio Morandi.

Find Morandi in a Décoration Internationale 
from Juin 1985 photographed by Jean-Michel Folon... (happy that I didn't trash it :)

via www

The theme of this week's drawing challenge No. 129 is vase. You will find more vases at the marvellous places of: 

RobertoCaroleKristenNadineSusan, PatriceBarbara,
Celine and Renilde


Thank you for playing. I wish you a prosperous weekend! Happy New Moon!

today: No 129: here at Ariane of Rose 

next: No 130: Nadeschda of woolfenbell at the 8th+ 9th of March 

No 131: Kristen of A Sunny Spot

9 Kommentare:

  1. Again a lot to see here over at your blog. I love your collection of vases, they are beautiful! I you don't have that problem to put flowers in them like I do, it looks perfect how you did that. And I like the paper you used for the cut-outs, I learned something about an artist today as well! Thank you for this theme!

  2. you make them shine! your vases, 'and each their own personality', i like that, your photos, wonderful as usual and the small still lifes you drew, painted and cut.
    ...oh yes you do love your vases, and so do i.
    thanks Ariane,xx

  3. Hi Nadine, interesting topic. I like your post!
    I like the cut paper that reveals the wood, beautiful image!
    Jean Michel Folon. I know the Belgian artist Jean Michel Folon, (whom I admire) but I did not know he was photographer!

  4. 1. you have a way with words
    2. your photos are magical no matter the topic
    3. you have a magnificent collection of vases
    3. thank you for showing your photo set up
    4. and for your research
    5. thanks for the great theme, obviously one you and I adore!
    xo Carole

  5. "... like a chess player."
    i like that! i get the picture of it.

    a table FULL of vases!!!! my, my. and i thought i had 'many' with just five or so. hee hee...
    well, i love your vases play very much, i love your explorations, always so thoughtful. i also love your portrait, sweet rose!

    ps - carole is methodical! ;)))

  6. So classic Ariane! and your portrait looks like Folon- I see why you admire him :)
    Thank you for the inspiration and so needed as our winter drags on!

  7. ;^))
    like you i like to move the vases around
    and mmmm.... morandi!
    love your vases and drawing and cut outs!
    i wanted to do cut outs too but ended up showing old images ;^((


  8. gosh... i'm back already....
    i've just put in the new theme, before evening chores take over...
    here to invite you to come and play next weekend, over at mine's.
    cheerio and enjoy this week...

  9. Liebe Ariane, am allerbesten gefällt mir natürlich das Bild mit dir drauf und deinem Fotostudio-Arrangement und den g a n z e n Tisch voller Vasen! Einfach genial. Wie immer ein Füllhorn an wundervollen Impressionen, Formen und Varianten, einfach toll. Ich finde die mit den Rillen und Riffeln und besonders die eine, die wie gefaltetes Papier aussieht besonders genial. Ganz, ganz toll und dann hast du dich ja auch förmlich kreativ ausgetobt ohne Ende - WOW, ganz grosses Kompliment!
    barbara bee



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