Samstag, 29. März 2014

dc #132: WATER

In water I am like a brick, I am afraid of water

 just the same I am gravitate towards water, it calms me...

(I am blessed with living directly at the Eisenbach)

Purling music while painting in watercolours

For this week's drawing challenge I paint the Nile Delta (seen from high up)
 with the heart-shaped Faiyum Oasis.

In the year 2000 we were further to the south as we wanna get some refreshing. So we drove through the desert, leave the asphalt runway, high temperatures, all around us reddish sand, jolted on and reached finally some fertile green... behind it: 

the River Nile!

It was sweeping!

Later I ran out of water... so thirsty! took some water from a water seller at the roadside... I, well, I had it for a long time, if you know what I mean! Here in Hamburg we are spoiled by the water supply... one can drink it directly from the faucet without health effects.

 Please make sure to find more about water at Patrice's
beautiful landing pier. 

Take care! ( wherever you are 8-)


today: 132 Patrice A. with WATER

next: 133 Ariane of Rose at 5th + 6th of April... will publish the theme no later than Tuesday!

. . .

 who is our next host?

9 Kommentare:

  1. Oh Ariane, your perspective is fresh and unique and lovely , delicate images and colors, thank you:) Leena

  2. ah, very cool and interesting, your trip to the Nil, thank you for taking me there... well, and sorry for your... your interpretation is so great because you give us several aspects of water... and you painted those coloures... but the most I love the Rettungsring on the first picture!
    x Stefanie

  3. Hi Ariane, I love river deltas and so gravitate to yours. I live beside two rivers. One in Vancouver is called the Fraser and has a most spectacular delta. The other is the Thames in England. I never thought to draw the delta, but what a wonderful experience. :) PS. I was so freaked out with the driver in Egypt! And I think I drive too fast...Whoa, at least I use the lights at night!.

  4. paradoxal water to you then, is it; because it's true, there is almost always water involved in your posts, and i'm really, really surprised to find you are afraid of water. who'd guessed that if you hadn't come out in the open about it... no swims for you then?
    i think i will need to take to watercolours soon, everybody around me seems to be watercolouring, and i.. i am afraid of it!

  5. I like your Nile Delta. It´s like a map with the nice combination of green and blue.

  6. The photos of your lovely Eisenbach always move me. Going to the Nile, now that is exotic! I love the watery blues of this post, Ariane.

  7. Jaaa in Ägypten einfach so Wasser trinken ist für hygienisch verwöhnte europäische Mägen so gar nichts! Wunderschöne Fotos wieder und deine Zeichnung hatte ich erst für eine sich windende und emporschlängelnde Pflanze gehalten, aber als Nildelta gefällt es mir auch super.
    lg barbara bee

  8. what a great trip! water bringing you back in time...I suppose that's very true in more ways than one- the river is always moving :)

  9. my dear Ariane
    like you water calms me
    i like to be near but not in or on
    it's my Love who likes to be on ;^)))

    and that sweet heart shape!

    thanks for taking part
    and YES count me in for nest
    although i might be a little late

    xxx Patrice



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