Mittwoch, 6. Januar 2016

Zwischenzeit {15:05 - 15:27h}

Spontan rausche ich in meiner Zwischenzeit
in die Tropengewächshäuser von Planten un Blomen und wärme mich auf.

Impromptu I rush in my meantime into the house for tropical plants in the park
and warm up myself.

Es wirkt. It works.

Hello, dear friends!

Und als ich in den Löwenpalast komme:

And as I come to the Lionpalace:

fresh muffins made by Eldest are waiting :-)

PS: Are you in the mood for a new drawing challenge, already?

5 Kommentare:

  1. thank you for rushing to the botanical and give us your eis-cold-warmed-up-zwischenzeit-impressions. such a lovely revisit. makes me wonder what i did at that exact time, and i believe i was enjoying a zwischenzeit coffee break with collegues, no less!
    incidentally, i thought about our DC just last night, and i was thinking, it'll come back, before long. are you willing to give us something? i don't mind going towards the end of the month.
    ps - i am wondering. is above, image 2 'our' last summer eis stand???

    good, good eldest to be welcoming you with heartening stuff. i want to cook something sweet. maybe today. day off, because off train strike. errands and also creative slot. yey! x

    thxs, n♥

  2. hello dear YOU!
    like nadine i was thinking about the dc, i miss it.....
    thanks for the walk through the botanical garden
    those lovely greyish colors ❤��
    until soon!
    Patrice A.

    1. P.S.
      i set aside all the nice things to get it all done
      so 'rhythm' is something i miss ;^))
      this week de DC has beeen in my thoughts often
      and i even got an idea! so you can put me on the list
      somewhere in the coming weekends

      and also
      i love that word 'zwischenzeit' in dutch 'tussentijd'

  3. Oh what a lovely contrast! I would be perfectly happy to spend my whole life in a greenhouse breathing in that moist tropical air. I'd love a DC but am switching countries this Sunday. Next week January 16th/17th I will be A-OK for DC. I can call one next week Monday Jan 11th for the 16/17th or else put me in line for the week after. How about "Rhythm"? I'll be looking for

  4. ja!
    beautiful, he?
    anyway, still on for somewhere towards the end of january... check it out, i have patience. patrice! love your goodwill...
    we're getting there..



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