Montag, 23. Juli 2018

In the heat - looking forward to our summergathering 2018!

At Sunday, as I come into the kitchen,
a big heat wish me a good morning. These bloom!

Pink with some fresh squeeze of turquoise in addition

In the other room, the salon, of the Castle at the Eisenbach
I found a new arrangement with some tones/props of Summer

and later I found time

to read my book (moon glow by Michael Chabon)
on the balcony besides more lilies
til the moon rose

The other night

the pink lilies and gladiolas found their way
from the kitchen to the balcony, too:
Sleeping with windows wide open
they let my dreams become more aromatical

I hope you're having a good time.
Only four three two one days to go til our summergathering 2018,
this time in Geraardsbergen, again, yay!

Love, Ariane. 

PS: find photos of our (Patrice, Barbara, Nadine and mine):
- summergathering 2017 in Berlin here
- summergathering 2016 in Amsterdam/Dronten here
- summergathering 2015 in Hamburg here
- summergathering 2014 in Brüssel/Geraardsbergen here

and of the very first gathering in 2012 in Hamburg
with Patrice, Barbara and Julia da Franca and me here

2 Kommentare:

  1. some heat welcoming you, indeed. such a beauty! and you and your moon... oh, but he's yours, but do tell us its stories when you're over! ;)))

    yep. countdown is now SO present... three nights...

    your images, and the path you take us on? lovely!



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