Freitag, 11. Februar 2011

little bit of sky-scenery... Who is the host for this week's drawing challenge tomorrow? You, Lilli? or...?

Herzlich Willkommen, liebe Julia und liebe Mano.

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  1. i enjoy the magic light over at your place.
    and we seem to have the same tea glasses!
    wish you a beautiful weekend.

  2. With the light illuminating the objects
    you are connecting heaven and earth
    and the objects are the medium
    of the energies moving from above

  3. oh Ariane - I don't know who the host is - lilli - but she must still be lost in the woods - what to do? Us ozzie girls - helen and I have done our sky pictures - it is saturday here already - but i don't know whether to post mine or not...... only you can shine your light and lead us through.....x

  4. Dear Sara,
    wish you a beautiful weekend too.

    Liebste Irena,
    ja, heute war auch ein ganz besonderer Tag, an dem die Verbindung von Himmel und Erde spürbar war. Danke Dir.

    Dear Jasmin,
    I have done my sky pictures also - but have to wait for the light to take a picture of it. So...Lilli...lost in the Maybe you can be the hostess of this week? Your ozzie girls start, then Elisabeth and me will follow. What do you think about...Yes?
    x Ariane.

  5. ooooh just heavenly!!! the tonal qualities of these images are wonderful so light and airy. I love the shade of blue in the last image just perfect. Ive posted mine if you care to have a look its quite different from yours love the variety dont you?

  6. Hey Jaz if you are still feeling out of sorts I dont mind hosting if we dont have one sorted for next week. Has anyone heard from Lilli? I popped into her blog and there appears to be noone home yet so must be still having issues. If we are stuck for one my theme would be 'patchwork' lets see what happens hey?

  7. Those tulips are divine ... and you do have the most beautiful light.

    Are those 'pussy willows at the bottom? And that powder blue sky. Breathtaking.

    Ariane, I think Lilli's computer has kicked the bucket. Have you tried to email her?

  8. greta and i have created our skies to share tomorrow.

  9. Ladies, Ladies!
    wait a sec...this isn't my piece for *drawing* challenge - but thank you very much. Yes, the light in there is heavenly. I am surprised by myself...



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