Samstag, 12. Februar 2011

DC #4: Sky-Scenery

a time ago, it was on a September morning at 1783 in Versailles, there were
a Duck, a Cock and a Mutton taking a trip by hot-air balloon through the heaven's ocean.
This drawing shows a remembering trip for the three anima-ls (lat. anima - soul).

This week's drawing challenge No. 4 "Sky-Scenery" 
(theme of Lilli) is hosted by amazing Helen.

14 Kommentare:

  1. Wonderful soft colours. And I love the duck balloon best.

  2. Liebe Claudia,
    es ist noch nicht zu spät - komm' mach mit!
    und, danke.
    Lieben Gruß von Ariane.

  3. This wonderful!I really love the story behind the image. Those soft pastels are dreamy and I love how animals make the balloons particularly the ducks feet.


  5. Ariane,
    How fun is this!! beautiful in color and light hearted in spirit.
    It belongs in a childrens book. This made me smile... Big!

  6. I love your soft airy colors - its very sweet, like a classic children's book pictures , takes me away to faraway lands and magical places.
    The duck's feet are so funny! we have a hot air ballon festival in my town , wish i could see those!!

  7. Oh, we chose the same theme :) Animals in balloons! A great combination. I got a Lajka expreience. What happened to those three friends? I hope the story ends better than it did for dear Lajka.

  8. experience, that is ;) My fingers danced on their own...

  9. einer meiner ängste ist die höhenangst.
    in deinen fabelhaften ballons fahre ich mit. träumend.

    es grüßt herzlichst
    bambi von hoch und tief

  10. I think the story of the three animals had a happy ending - a few weeks later a brave man started with a hot-air balloon...

    I thank you dear Queens for your lovely comments.

  11. oh. i am late again. but delighted. how lovely this drawing is. i especially like the rooster. i would LOVE to see a juicy big air filled balloon shaped like that sail through the sky.
    who, what and where are we for this week dear ariane?

  12. Oh yes, dear Jasmin, that would be wonderful: a red rooster sailing high in the sky...fantastic! A really big one! I would take a photo...
    Sorry, I don't know what you mean? Who, what and where...with drawing challenge? Helen want to be the hostess again...with 'patchwork'. Or what do you asking for? ...x

    Dear Ann Marie,
    thank you!



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