Samstag, 5. Februar 2011

"Zuhause fühlen, während ich eine schöne Tasse Earl-Grey Tee trinke, nachdenke über die Vanitas, die Vergänglickeit - Sterben und Werden."
"Feeling home while I'm drinking a nice cup of Earl Grey tea, thinking about the vanitas, the mortality - dying and becoming."

For this week's drawing challenge (no. 3) Stephanie and Elisabeth, Jasmin, Helen and me proudly present the association of both themes: "Home" of Stephanie and "Still-life" of me.

If there is another home still-life to show, please let me know. I'll put a link on it.

16 Kommentare:

  1. I can see I've missed a few posts.

    Beautiful illustration ... you drink tea out of a lovely cup with lots of creatures.

    Who or what is 'vanitas'? I think it's because I'm Australian? Or a bit dumb?

  2. Dear Carmel,
    thank you for the hint. I think it's because you're Australian ... and not from the Netherlands or Belgium ... how so many other people. So I try to make it clearer.
    Vanitas means in my own words a style of paintings in 16th and 17th century. They draw things in still-life like butterflies to show the own mortality.
    I'll come to your place later. Have to cook some pasta...
    Love, Ariane.

  3. mmmmmmmm! i sit here and sip my cup of earl grey tea as well and drink in your lovely airy drawing of a peaceful homey feeling. Really sweet. I love it, your vanita!

  4. Dear Milady Stephanie,
    thank you.
    I'm glad for your painting "Home".

  5. Thank you! Some much-needed art theory education! You can see why I'm so impressed by what you girls are all doing.

  6. i love this composition...the caterpillar on the teacup and portrait in the frame. beautiful theme.

  7. Dear Carmel,
    believe me, I am dripping with sweat...
    Did you catched the koala?

    Dear Rachel, thank you.
    I'm very impressed to the metamorphosis from a caterpillar to a butterfly. Right yesterday evening I found at the drying loft this peacock butterfly...

  8. untersuch mal diesen Blog finde ich so schön!!

  9. You have a really good sense of balance and white space that i find visually arresting. I love the quiet and stillness of the soft colours. Very nice indeed!

  10. Gorgeous. Intriguing. Sweet.

    Who is the figure in the picture.
    (and how did you see the wedding couple in my post a couple of days ago? have you got a big screen on your computer? :))))

    I just did one for Still Life too - just putting my post through.
    Where to next? Lilli for 'sky'?
    I love this. xx

  11. Liebe Viola,
    danke für den Hinweis...habe ich auf meine Blogliste hinzugefügt, sooo schön!

    Dear Helen,
    thank you. And: you are a teacher? don't you? Waiting for your post...

    Dear Jasmin,
    thank you. The figure is my grandfather Niels V. Andersen, maybe in age of 20, coming from Denmark/Greenland. More at jazzytwoshoes.
    I love this, too. xx

  12. Soooooooo schön!
    Liebe Grüsse vom anderen Ende der Welt

  13. mine is posted if you care to have a look :)

  14. Hallo Christine,
    danke sehr. Ich komme gleich mal zu Dir rüber.

    Dear Helen,
    I'll have a look soon. Thank you for the hint.

    Dear Isabelle,
    thank you so much. Such a honour.

  15. I believe you have spring in your home. I want to plant seeds in beautiful cups just like that. Find butterflies in my windows. You've got a lovely feeling in your still life from your home :) See you in the Sky!



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