Mittwoch, 2. Februar 2011

Die Königin von der Burg am Eisenbach kramt in ihren Sachen. Sie befördert einige vergessene Dinge hervor und muss will sich entscheiden, was in den Gemächern bleibt - und was nicht.
Zur reinen Inspiration blättert sie erstmal in der Vogue Living Australia.

 The Queen of the Castle at the Eisenbach rummages around her things. She carries forth some forgotten things and must will decide, what stays in the chamber - and not.
For now looking for inspiration she skims through the Vogue Living Australia.

16 Kommentare:

  1. was für ein schönes Kinderfoto !

  2. every day, familiar things, in fresh perspective, actually, i'm not sure how to submit a comments, i'm pushing each button to see what happens. vorschau, sounds like cabbage soup.

  3. Hi, Bib,
    danke. Ich hatte da eine schwarze Fellmütze auf...

    Hi, dear John,
    so you have pushed the right button...Welcome!
    Cabbage soup...Kraut...Weißkohlsuppe. Vorschau means Preview.
    Cheers, Ariane.

  4. Is that little doll of a person in the photo you?! Cute!!
    Magazine a morphene drip. :)

  5. manchmal ist zuviel auch wundervoll. zum beispiel. zuviel des guten.

    liebe rose.
    erfreu mich an deinen fotos und worten der vergangenen tage. bin zurzeit ein bisschen onlineträge. aber froh. heute noch mal königliche luft geschnuppert zu haben.

    bambi von niezuviel und geschnupper

  6. Thank you,
    dear Stephanie,
    yes it's me. Ah, and you even know a magazine therapy? It works.

    Zuviel: des Guten, ja, da hast Du Recht,
    liebes Bambi von Frühling und Freiheit, davon kann man nie genug haben.
    Besuchte Dich häufig in Deinem Frühlingszimmer und erfreute mich an den liebevollen Details.
    Auf bald, danke Dir herzlichst für Deinen Besuch.
    Rose von der Burg

  7. i go through a similar process often as well. especially when travelling for long periods, one realizes what is missed and what is not. some precious beautiful things passed on from family, i keep.
    purging feels good.

  8. I see still-lives everywhere - both here and at home - now. And I thought of a solution to the challenge and wrote it down. I hope everyone will be satisfied. I'm in for both words. Will start working tomorrow evening.

  9. Dear Rachel,
    you're right! Purging feels good. I'm asking me why it's so difficult sometimes... And e.g.: how many dishtowels a family of 5 persons really need?
    At least I must confess...I'm a collector.

  10. Kära Elisabeth,
    you've found a good solution: "both...and" - solution (much better than "either...or")
    I'm in for both words, too.

  11. I could really use a spot like that for my earrings and stuff as well! Right now they're all a big mess in a drawer somewhere.

    Oh, if only I had the energy to go through the (material) things I really don't need. There is a lot, I can tell you that... Perhaps your post will finally inspire me to do that - or maybe I'll just grab a nice magazine, too! :)

  12. Ariane,
    Oh, everything looks so neat and pretty.

    And you were a doll!

    What month Australian Vogue Living? Can you buy it over there? Is it expensive? What do you think of it?

  13. Dear Ansku,
    keep calm and carry on ;)

    Dear Carmel,
    thank you. I came over to your place and aswered there.

  14. gorgeous photos! Australia vogue living one of my favourite mags very inspirational. You should also look into Australian Belle mag equally inspirational if you havent already.

  15. i love the lace doily (doillie?) you know that i do. and is that a tea thermos? spearmint green with oriental type blossoms - i have been looking for one of those..... aaaah nothing like an earl grey and a magazine ;)

  16. Dear Helen,
    sadly, but I didn't even heard about this mag! Thanks for the hint.

    Dear Jasmin,
    yes, I know...and: me too. x



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