Samstag, 26. Februar 2011


Ein Ausdruck hinterlässt einen Eindruck. Auch, wenn es das sanfteste Flüstern ist.
Könnt Ihr es hören?

An expression leave behind an impression. Even if it's the meekest 'whisper'. 
Can you hear it?

This week's drawing challenge No. 6 'whisper' is hosted by pretty Jasmin. Come on over to Australia to have a look at many wonderful drawings of wonderful women in Blogworld.
Lovely Rachel will be our hostess for the next week's drawing challenge 
(first weekend in March) with 'Rhythm'. 
For the second weekend in March we'll return to wonderful Elisabeth, who is the initiator of this fabulous drawing challenge. 

15 Kommentare:

  1. Oh Ariane, you have such a soft way about you. These butterflies are beautiful, fluttering and delivering a sweet message no doubt. Did you make the lip print with your own lips? I love it, I really really do!

  2. Ariane - i am astounded - first by the drawing - and then by the fact that we are in the same zeitgeist! Is that the expression? What would the sentence be in German?
    Seeing my whispers will make you see why....

  3. pretty little butterflies. i hear it. and i feel the butterfly kisses. do you know those? with the eyelashes? ♥

  4. sooo pretty Ariane! it truly feels like a whisper. a saintly delicate beautiful whisper!
    we are all on the same wave this week. its incredible!

  5. Dear Rachel,
    thank you. Yes, I did the lip print with my own lips laying on my lippy 'Shiseido 9 bordeaux'... but usually they doesn't are such plush...

    And Jasmin,
    I'm astounded too... in your wonderful drawings you have both of us, Rachel and me. Bird is whispering and butterflies are the soft whisper. It is amazing!
    And I think 'Zeitgeist' is a german word.

    Oh, wonderful that you can hear it, dear Sara. I know the butterfly kisses with eyelashes... my kids prefer those.

    Liebe Claudia,
    danke sehr.

    I really love this drawing challenge!
    Love, Ariane.

  6. Dear Milady Stephanie,
    thank you so much. How wonderful your birds are! And you are right, its incredible... and magic,
    ♥ Ariane.

  7. butterflies do whisper. they bring change. they bring spring.
    for now, that's just a whisper... ;)

  8. ariane, i would love to host next week if the position is still available.
    i havent seen any other volunteers yet... just got your little nudge. :)

  9. wow whispering butterflies!!!! just like Jazz's poem....its as I imagined those words to be truly beautiful soft and floaty

  10. Lovely. I'd love to hear those soft whisperings. Telling me about spring, smell of flowers and warm air. My heart aches for it! My own whisper was of another kind. Actually I made no whisper. Or maybe it was an angry one, about little misunderstood girls. And women.
    Love, Elisabeth

  11. Dear Rachel,
    well, you are the next hostess :)

    Dear Helen,
    thank you - and you don't take a rest?
    Get well! See you next week at Rachel's Happy Panda.

    Yes, darling Elisabeth, its a long, long winter time. I even long for smell of flowers and warm air outside.
    I think you've made a whisper! An important whisper. Important to be listen.


  12. Deine Bilder, Installationen, Stillleben, Gefühlswelten oder auch hauchzarte Augenblicke sind alle so schön! Ein krasser Kontrast zu meiner heutigen Nacht. Wo noch das harmloseste war, dass ich in eine Männerumkleide gestürmt bin ;-)
    Wie ist denn der 9. März bei dir?

  13. Liebe Doreen,
    ... gestürmt... in eine Männerumkleide...! ...!
    Der 9. März ist gut. Melde mich bei Dir - gleich.
    x Ariane.

  14. Hörst Du wie es rauscht und zischt?
    wie es flüsternd leise spricht?
    das es nur keiner je versteht,
    der im Wald spazieren geht
    Das sind die Elfen in Blumengestalt,
    sie flüstern und lachen dass es schallt.

    (Auszug aus "Elfengedichte" gefunden bei

    bin entzückt von deinen Zeichnungen und Bildern!
    Love them, love you



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