Samstag, 9. April 2011


Das Ufer der Insel Kaltehofe
in der Billwerder Bucht in Hamburg spiegelt sich im Wasser der Elbe. 
Gemalt habe ich das Bild mit Ei-Tempera auf Leinwand nach einem Foto, dass ich von der Barkasse aus auf einem Betriebsausflug gemacht habe.
Es ist noch warm gewesen und die Bootsfahrt gemütlich, wie in einem riesigen Kinderwagen. Im Spiegel der Zeit, wissend wie lang und kalt der darauf folgende Winter werden würde, hätte ich diese Fahrt vielleicht noch mehr genossen...

The bank of isle Kaltehofe
in the bay of Billwerder in Hamburg be refected in the water of river Elbe.
I've painted these picture with egg-tempera on canvas adapted from a photo, that I've taken from a launch on a annual works outing.
It has been warm outside and the boat trip cozy like in a huge baby buggy. In the mirror of time, knowing how long and cold the following winter would be, maybe I might have enjoy this trip much more...

Drehe ich nun das Bild und lasse die Spiegelebene vertikal verlaufen, kann ich dieses Bild auch als Rorschach-Test nutzen. 

Turn I this painting and have the level of reflection in a vertical way, I can use this pic as a Rorschach-Test.

...oder so herum.

...or so.

Ist dieses Phänomen beim Bloggen nicht sehr ähnlich?
Sind wir als Betrachter und unsere Kommentare nicht ein Spiegel, eine Reflektionsebene für den/diejenige/n, der/die etwas veröffentlicht?
In diesem Kreis hier sind es sehr liebevolle Spiegel.

This phenomenon is similar to blogging, right?
Are we as a viewer and our comments a mirror, a level of reflection to those who published?
In these circle the mirrors are very loving.

Der Aufruf zum Zeichnen hat diese Woche den Begriff 'Spiegel' zum Thema. 

This week's drawing challenge theme is 'MIRROR'.

Seht in das Kaleidoskop der Spiegel von/Have a look in the kaleidoscope of Fru Mju Maria, Rachel, Jasmin und/and just a humble bee, weiter in den von/ go on to woolf Nadine, Citlalli, blickt in den Spiegel von/look in the mirror of Milady Stephanie und/and Patrice, Elisabeth und/and Hanna.
Oder sind es noch mehr Spiegel? Lasst es mich bitte wissen.
Any more mirrors? Please let me know.

No. 12 Mirror
No. 13 MAP  (16.+17.04.2011)

Welcome, dear your matryoshka dolls!

21 Kommentare:

  1. wauw....
    beautiful post Ariane

    I do not have a drawing this week
    just a picture

    have a fine and sunny weekend!

  2. Dear Patrice,
    thank you...and I've seen beautiful pictures at your place!

    Have a fine and sunny weekend too.

  3. dear!
    i am loving the self portrait at the very end!
    and i love your train of thought.
    your painting is pretty dreamy, both horizontal and vertical. it reflects the time you had well, i sense.
    turning the picture into a rorschach.... interesting! ;)
    cheers for your sweet comments!

  4. Dear Ariane, This is so beautiful you have certainly captured the lully baby buggy feeling of a peaceful boat ride. so pretty. so soothing.
    the greens and summery breeze are helping me cope with this endless winter we're having.
    just gorgeous.
    I finally got mine up so sail on over!

  5. Meine liebe Schwester, I can't believe what is coming out of you. What an artist! and so much in the romantic tradition, Goethe! I can't believe it. Beautiful. I love the caleidoscope pics also, but the island is just so amazing.Take me with you!
    sis, hinter den sieben Bergen...

  6. Hi Ariane, love the greens in your picture and the peaceful feeling , I certainly love the caleidoscope picture too, really nice post!

  7. Ariane, as usual your artwork has that touch of softness and peace that so inspires me. I love watercolor and really want to lay with it more. This is a perfect piece to have hanging on your wall.
    Thank you for the theme.

  8. dear, i am also happy to get a little bonus self portrait at the end of this sweet story.
    and perhaps this is exactly the great timing to post it and write those words, when the winter is leaving and spring is entering.

  9. Ariane,
    My mirror is an refelction in, what we call, 'heksenbal', a 'witchball'. Old houses used to have a window above the frontdoor. That's where they hung the witchball, to keep the evil spirits out.

  10. spieglein. spieglein. an der wand...

    die symbolkraft des spiegels. fenster in eine andere welt. zugang zu unserer seelenwelt. auch ein roter faden in meinen bildern.

    schön. deine spiegelbilder.

    herzlichst und sonnigst
    bambi von spiegel und schrift

  11. Lovely. Your soft words and colours. I want to drift in a boat in your painting. And I like how you lift us as mirrors to each other. A beautiful thought. Our human likeness. Exactly what we need in this world. I wish people in general would be as warm to each other as people are in the blogosphere.

    Thank you for your self-portrait also, nice to meet you face to face!

    And thanks for hosting. Who's our host for next week?

  12. My dearest mirrors,
    I'm overwhelmed from your lovely comments... thank you so much from the bottom of my heart!
    Yes, Elisabeth, who's our host for next week? Any takers?

    ♥ Ariane.

  13. I'd be happy to host, if the position is still available, that is...

  14. Dear Rachel,
    that would be nice.
    I've asked Patrice, if she wanna be host, but she didn't answer by now.
    So I think you are our host for next week and Patrice one week later (if she wishes to be).

  15. sounds good. if patrice would like the other way around, thats ok too. for now I will think of a theme and plan to announce it tomorrow! but i will wait to hear from patrice...

  16. Ariane,
    about your host-question, I have written Rachel that it is fine she will be the host for next week. I am too busy working this week, not sure if I can participate this week...

    how I miss Finland....

  17. ein wunderschönes bild, egal wie herum!!
    und ich freu mich über das foto von dir!
    herzensgrüsse, julia

  18. Liebe Julia,
    danke, ich fühle mich geehrt.

  19. Es ist schön, auch dich mal zu sehen :) Das Tempera-Bild ist toll geworden! Hat etwas sehr beruhigendes an sich. Allerliebste Grüße!

  20. what a great post!
    thankYou for the mirror
    that made me go into a four leaf clover of love :)
    You are a truly reflecting person Ariane, I like that.

  21. oh how late i am to get here Miss Ariane! I am missing the mirrored reflections of our little group that we have created here. Out of what? All our kaleidescopes have overlapped haven't they? What a thrill to see you too!! Looking straight back at us... beautiful.



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