Sonntag, 3. April 2011

Invition DC

Invitation to the next week's drawing challenge. 
The word is: MIRROR. 

Let me know you're in, please.

This is a chinese painting: 
bright silver ground and on it a painted paonie. 
Its a trove of my mother at the flea market Unter den Linden, Berlin.

12 Kommentare:

  1. WHAT A GREAT WORD. I'll be there.
    I have added Stephanie in for last week, thank you, she didn't tell me .....

    and i love this flower. what is it a detail from? a piece of china?
    have a sweet night/day xx

  2. whoops. mirror... oh la la!
    thank you for the invite.
    i'd love to participate.

  3. I`m in, mmm mirror nice and interesting word!!!

  4. dear ariane, sorry to say that i'm NOT in.... no time, to much work.
    maybe next time. but i'll visit all your mirrors for sure, have fun, xx julia

  5. I am IN! That blossom is absolutely gorgeous! it looks japanese. fractured yet still so beautiful and proud.

  6. dear Ariane,

    I am home again
    but not quite
    and there is a lot of work waiting for me
    but a picture taken in the mirror
    is easy to make

  7. Blogspot is not being easy on me right now, but I'm in!

  8. I´m with You
    I´m in Your mirror.

    and for those rose patterns You´ve made... beautiful!



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