Samstag, 16. April 2011

DC #13: MAP

Um an diesen Schatz 
zu gelangen, ist eine Expedition aufgebrochen. 
Es mussten dazu drei Karten verschiedener Ebenen 
zusammentragen werden, um an das Ziel zu gelangen...und 
um den Weg zurück in die Burg zu finden.

To win this treasure,
an expedition has decamped.
It had to carried three maps of different levels
to reach out for the object...and
to find way back home in the Castle.

Diese Schatzkarte Nr. I allein hilft wenig.

These treasure map No. I alone is unhelpfully.

Die zweite Karte bringt schon Licht ins Dunkle... 

The second map bring light into the darkness...

...und erst mit der Karte Nr. III ergibt sich ein vollständigeres Bild der Umgebung. 

...and only with the map No. III a more completely picture of the environment is visualized.

"Start in the Castle. 
Go downstairs. 
Turn to the left hand side. 
Follow your nose. 
Turn one's back to the playground. 
You succeed: Ice!
...Now come back with some ice for the whole family.
Thank you!"

A fellow student presented me a with delicious colours painted wooden fan. 
It's dated from 1906 and the ribbon tatty. 
So I make a little map to repair it in the right way:

On the backside of the wooden fan a, many men...dropped a Lady a line like this:
'A friendly kiss can do no harm.'

This week's drawing challenge 
is hosted by lovely Rachel
Please, go via  link to her place to have a look at many other 

12 Kommentare:

  1. Ariane, you are brilliant! And always so creative. I like the treasure at the end. I tasted some lavender/honey ice cream today. Heavenly!
    I would love to read all the notes on that beautiful fan. Are those violets? One of my favorite scents.
    Have a good week, my friend.

  2. a friendly kiss can do no harm!
    how lover-ly!!!
    and what an exciting map you show us... i had expected magic with the maps, and i'm getting it...!!!
    do you think you could send some ice cream over, or do i really, really need to decipher it all???
    (that a map of your place, ariane?)

  3. Dear floral Rachel,
    lavender/honey ice cream? It is needed! Heavenly for sure...
    The notes of the fan sometimes are in an ancient writing, so I can't read them...I'll ask my mother to translate.
    Those flowers are violets, yes. At that picture of my son reading the map there are well smelling violets on the balcony. I love the scent, too!

    Oh, dear Nadine,
    you've decipher it!


  4. What a wonderful idea, a 3-layered map! Sometimes I feel like my adult years have made me forget about the childhood adventures, and that makes me sad. I'm glad there are people like you (and Rachel as well!) who bring those memories back again. :)

    The fan is gorgeous!

  5. liebe ariane,

    ich hab schon als kind schatzkarten über alles geliebt. deiner wäre ich auch gern gefolgt!

    der fächer ist wunderschön und auch ein schatz! konntest du alle schönen liebesworte entschlüsseln? ich bin neugierig, was die herren der schöpfung 1906 für schöne worte für die herzensdame fanden!

    sei herzlich gegrüßt von mano

  6. in layers
    a mystery slowly solved
    so, so good!

  7. Love the treasure at the end! creative and yummy I can't stop thinking in a lemon basil sorbet or a mint coffe ice cream!
    Really fun post!!

  8. This vintage fan is just wonderful. A real treasure, lucky you! Wish you a warm & sunny day!

  9. Thank you again, dear Ansku. I'm sure, you cushion the 'playing' little Ansku inside...

    Liebe Mano, das, was ich bisher entziffern konnte, ist nicht immer 'jugendfrei'...

    Thank you, dear Patrice, its a honor.

    Hi, Citlalli, mmh, yum, my mouth is watering...

    Ah, Mdmslle,
    verehrtes Fräulein, welcome and thank you.
    I wish you a warm and sunny day, too.

    x Ariane.

  10. Oh, this is so great! Such a perfect idea with the layers. I think I'll have to play more with maps with my kids! :) I would love to get this kind of map myself....

  11. lavendar, lemon, honey, mint.... all colours from our soft palette Ariane... as described here by everyone.

  12. haha i mean YOUR soft palette.. (funny too that these colours are all EDIBLE as well:))))))



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