Samstag, 2. April 2011

DC #11: TAIL

Ja, die Erinnerung erwacht: 
Damals vor drei Leben fahren mein König und ich frühmorgens im Schneeregen zum Flughafen Hamburg. Eine Nachtigall singt unbeirrt. Wir fliegen eine Weile und landen in Portugal.
Bei 20°C morgens um 9 Uhr in Lagos trinken wir Galao im Sonnenschein.
Wir schlendern weiter zur Markthalle. Drinnen herrscht geschäftiges, entspanntes Treiben und ich finde einen Marktstand aus einem Meer von gelben Blumen. Mitten in den duftenden Freesien, Rosen und Anemonen sitzt eine Frau auf einer Obstkiste und bindet riesige, sonnige Blumensträuße.
Neben ihr steht ihr Mann und es scheint, dass er ein eitles Rad schlägt, wie ein Blauer Pfau. Er beschattet sie mit dem Schweif, von dem hundert Argusaugen blicken.
Seine Frau stellt den fertigen Strauß in einen Eimer voll Wasser und greift sich unbeirrt die nächsten Blumen. Sie kennt ihren Mann schon sehr lange.

Yes, memory awakes:
At that time before three lives my King and I go in sleet to the Hamburg Airport early in the morning. A nightingale is singing unwaveringly. We fly a while and are landing in Portugal.
With 20°C at 9 o'clock in the morning at Lagos we drink Galao in the sunshine.
We stroll to the market hall. Inside there is hustle and bustle and I find a stall with an ocean of yellow flowers. Admidst in the smelling Freesia, Roses and Anemone a woman seats on a fruit crage and binds huge, sunny bouquets.
Right by her side stands her Husband and it seems, that he do a vain cartwheel, like a Blue Peafowl. He tails her with the tail, from this hundred Argus-eyes are looking.
His wife poses the finished bunch in a bucket full of water and unwaveringly she grabs the next flowers. She knows her husband for a long time.

This week's drawing challenge is hosted by jazzy Jasmin. Please come to her place and have a look at some other 'TAILs'.

And next weekend (9.+10. April) we see us with 'MIRROR'.  Please let me know you're in.

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  1. this may be 2nd comment - its just a matter of time, this computer!
    lovely memory, lovely delicate drawing as usual.
    i always leave here refreshed.
    Xo milady

  2. ariane! it is beautiful, the story you add and the patience, the abundance of colour and a most wonderful tail/tale.
    there's love and grace in the woman's posture, and knowledgeable understanding by her man...
    it is love...
    ps - did you have the best holiday too?

  3. Was it young love for you and a more familiar love that you were seeing in this couple?
    Is a Peafowl a Peacock....? it must be. And you know it took 2 visits for me to see his tail. I'm glad that I didn't straight away. t gave it even more impac. Very intriguing Ariane. Almost worth doing a series on this couple - him with his proud tail and her with the golden flowers. love.

  4. Milady Stephanie,
    I'm feeling refreshed by your comment.

    Dear Nadine,
    yes, we did have one of the best holidays... And I think, you've got it! It is love ... and friendship in a long marriage.

    Dear Jasmin,
    yes, at that time I look ahead...
    I'm glad that you took a 2nd view. be continued...

  5. du königin der verzauberung, ich bin immer ganz fasziniert weil ich dich so romantisch finde, das merkt man ja auch daran das du die idee hast das meerjungrauen blumen essen, ich dagegen dachte eher an leckere quallen...
    hmmm und galao in der sonne, was gibt es schöneres? obwohl, krake im tontopf würde mir jetzt auch gut gefallen.
    ich wünsche dir einen beglückenden wochen beginn, herzliche grüsse, julia

  6. dear ariane.
    you create music with your words.
    and those yellow flowers! beautiful...

    i will answer your curious questions here since i got stuck on my site when i tried (i love curious questions!)the woman with the hairdryer is a close friend of mine from rotterdam. we are like two girls together. absorbed in colors and stories. the german tea i bought and drank last year on a tour to frankfurt. the man under the flowers is a colleague of mine in italy, during another tour. the woman with the breadroll touched my heart in a café somewhere in germany, i seem to have forgotten where... and the sitting woman is me, playing a classic lady in a magical house in italy last summer. also during a tour...


  7. I too had to think/look twice before I realized the picture and the text were revealing the sentiment of the story together. I like your sensitive brushing, the soft colours.

    And what word will you choose for next week? I can hardly wait...?

  8. follow-up, dear Jasmin,
    yes, its a good idea doing a series with this couple. Maybe I'll find a clearer way to show what I mean. Thank you for your feed-back.

    uah, Quallen! Essen?...liebe Julia,
    bei Krake im Tontopf lach' ich erstmal 'ne Runde, nenne es 'Kalamares' und sag' nicht 'nein'!
    Dir auch einen herzlich guten Start.

    I try my very best, dear Sara.
    This blogging promotes my english as well... And it is possible that you show me the picture of you as a classic lady closer? sometimes...xo

    Thank you for your feedback, dear Elisabeth. I'm glad that you took the time to read the text.
    And you don't have to wait any longer: The word for the next week's drawing challenge is: 'MIRROR'.
    xo Ariane

  9. the picture and the story is beautiful together! i too had to look twice to see his tail and i'd love to know more about this couple! thank you for sharing this observation :)

  10. HI Ariane, I am a little slow at responding this weekend.
    But your woman, the flowers, the husband, and peacock feathers have moved me.
    You see I worked ( and still sometimes do) work as a florist. I ask Greta often if someday her and I can have a flower stand on a busy street and make and sell bundles to passersby...making someones day. Sort of a dream of mine. I love flowers and sharing them is the best feeling ever.
    I love this painting.

  11. .... I don't think that you have to be clearer at all. I loved the revelation, the surprise, the subtlety of his peacock tail. I am feeling very inspired by this story.....

  12. Dear Maria, thank you. The point is...I don't know more about the couple. But in the know?

    Dear Rachel,
    I missed your voice last week at the blossoms, too. You're very busy, right?
    You work as a florist? Thats great!...making someones day...with Greta. What a wonderful view.

    ...dear Jasmin: kiss kiss kiss you...



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