Samstag, 7. Mai 2011

Drawing challenge #15: LAMB/SHEEP

Mother's Day. 
Blossoms are falling down.
And the trees and skies are building a fresh heaven's heart.

But: sometimes my children (for me) behave like balky goats...

or black sheep...

At the latest I have to remember that my kids are just innocent lambs.

I shouldn't take them as scapegoats for my whims. 

"Excuse me, please, my lovelies. I try my very best."
Maybe a wallpaper in their rooms with lambs on it helps me keep in mind? 

This drawing challenge is hosted by wonderful Milady Stephanie.
Take a ride to her farm and have a look at more LAMBs and SHEEPs. 

The goats on top are painted from my firstborn Princesse.
And 'Bed'-man is sewed after a map of my firstborn Prince from my friend Miezi

I wish you a Happy Mother's Day.

... Danke, Elke, Maman.  
Alles Gute zum Muttertag.

Easter break
No. 15 Lamb/Sheep  Stephanie 
No. 16 DREAM Nadine (14.05.+15.05.2011)

15 Kommentare:

  1. liebe, schöne ariane!
    to all those lovely mothers in the worlds,
    we love you!

    enjoy the beautiful spring. at least it was beautiful when i was there.

  2. Hello my lovely Queen!
    You reach me right where it counts, mary, spring,the light filled lamb in the sky,(do you see it?) goats vs lambies....the finishing touch of that precious forget me not supsended above a perfect pink cloud of blossoms...
    xoxo milady

  3. auch hier noch mal. herzlichen glückwunsch! der glücksfeetag hat sehr viel spaß gemacht. und die verlosung war superspannend.

    der little lambprint gefällt. und auch die anderen fotos. ein augenschmaus. "bett"-man gefällt mir besonders gut...

    schönen rosigen muttertag noch!

    bambi von stadt und feld

  4. Your stencils are adorable, so clever! ANd I just so happen to be making a Batman doll myself right now!! So funny to see that sleeping Bedman.
    Such interesting photos as usual, Ariane. Lovely glimpses of your life and elegant words to pair with.
    Have a good week.

  5. great stamps
    no, stencils
    ha! the black sheep
    our kids, our lambs

    happy weekend!

  6. Happy Mother's Day, Ariane.

    I have my fair share of goats too. And they're stubbornly refusing to go to bed.

    I know you're a wonderful mother. This day is for you, and your little lambs love you!

  7. Oh, Lady Lovely from the Iron Stream, I love your lamb ideas and the connectness, oh, keep my heart open as long as I live so i can drink in the beauty of your poetry.
    Your sister from the same mother - love to all mothers out there today and forever.

  8. Dear Sara,
    yes, its mesmerizing! Today are 24°C, sunny and breezy...the leafs of the poplars and the water of the Eisenbach shimmers in the sun. We hear the queen Mary II tooting with the other ships around: its 822nd Birthday from the Harbour of Hamburg and there is a big party.
    I hope all is well with you.

    Lovely Farm-Milady, dear Stephanie,
    yes, now I see the light filled lamb in the sky...thank you!

    Liebes Bambi von Stadt und Feld,
    ich bin erfüllt von sonnig gelber Vorfreude!

    Dear Rachel,
    I've been really 10 years old son has covered his Bed-man with the blancet. And tomorrow they'll go together to Sylt, biggest of North Frisian Island in the North Sea, with his school class for 5 days.

    Ha, dear Patrice,
    you know what I mean!

    Dear Carmel, Mother of four,
    all the best for moved to tears...I think its your day...or evening, when your stubbornly goats transform to sweet sleeping lambs.

    Schnüff, danke Schwesterherz. Was wäre ich ohne Dich?!

    ♥ Ariane.

  9. thank you so much for your best wishes for mother's day... oi, 't has been a moving one. not too lamby either. such is life.
    keeps me dreaming of other things... dreaming. dream. a theme? heading over to elisabeth's...might be, yeah? will post if it is.

    your stencil play is very inviting!! ;)

  10. You are lovely woman.I'm happy that I can visit here.I wish you a very good coming week!

  11. I love those stencils. Brittle as lambs on their tiny legs. And I saw your fish-post now. You always produce drawing challenge contributions to think about. I must check out my horoscope. I'm an aquarius. What are you?

    I await Nadine to present a dream-theme..? :)

  12. Did you do the whole wall?
    I ALWAYS look twice at your drawings and ALWAYS see more!
    I am now going to sleep.
    To dream up a dream.
    (i feel horses should be a theme real soon)


  14. schöner post! das zweite foto is einfach toll!

  15. Mann, ich hab das Himmelblaetterherz erst jetzt entdeckt. Dahhh (Homer Simpson). Wow.



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