Montag, 30. Mai 2011

Endlich/Finally (my heart wanders, Pia Jane Bijkerk)

Ich habe lange auf das Buch 'my heart wanders' 
von Pia Jane Bijkerk gewartet. Jetzt hat es endlich Europa erreicht, es hat mich erreicht... direkt in mein Herz.

I've been waiting for a long time for the book 'my heart wanders' 
from Pia Jane Bijkerk. Now it has arrived Europe... and me... 
straight to my heart.

Ich sitze am späten Nachmittag mit dem Buch auf dem Balkon, genießend.

I'm sitting with the book on the balcony at late afternoon, enjoying. 

Wie schön doch Endlichkeit sein kann.

How pretty could be still finitude.

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  1. Oh Ariane. How lovely. I have been lucky enough to go to 2 of Pia's launches here in Sydney. I have taken photos and sent them to her. So if she doesn't use them on her blog i might put them on mine. But look at this link and see if you can see me......:))))) I only knew about this launch because of you way over there!

  2. I can see you, Jazz!!
    Oh, you lucky Sydney girl... and I understand, why Jillian wanna take pics of you...
    xox Ariane.

  3. dear ariane,
    i love your love down below.
    enjoy your moment on the balcony. i am also in and out on the balcony today. ♥

  4. Is it a good book? It's been receiving lots of coverage over here. I have a couple of her hand made books and they're quite nice to flick through.

  5. i'll bet you have fallen in love. who wouldn't, with that book? it looks awesome, and i've seen it appear on so many blogs, as on pia's, of course....
    it is funny. as much as i long for it, to leaf through it and enjoy it, i may not order it. leave something to the imagination, i guess.
    (i do have her paris one!)

  6. It looks and sounds terrific! Enjoy your lovely balcony moments!X

  7. Yay! I posted a comment- for the longest time I would come here and be unable to get google to allow me to post a comment!Hopefully that is done with!

  8. funny
    I had been reading about that book
    and had to think of you
    and your romantic nature
    your roses and all

    and yes!
    I saw Jasmin too!!

  9. those precious little forget me nots! :)
    finally, i've put up my love story!

  10. Hach, es gibt nichts schöneres als ein Buch, welches uns in eine andere Welt entführt... Ich könnte auch unendlich davon schwärmen.
    Sage mal, sehe ich da auf dem Bild etwa Masking Tape?

  11. Dear Sara,
    today is a balcony-day... its nice weather and whole family is relaxing, sigh.

    Dear Carmel,
    these book isn't only to flick through: I like the words, the text very much. Its a little bit of 'coming home' in spiritual way.
    Hand made books?? Please tell me more.

    Dear Nadine, yes, I've fallen in love. I go diving with/in that book.
    I've got that Paris book and from Amsterdam, too...

    Dear Annamaria,
    thank you for to hang on.
    And thank you for song from top of Kreuzberg in Berlin on your blog. Long time ago I stood at the same place like wonderful Ofrin.

    Dear Patrice,
    isn't this connection wonderful!

    Dear Milady,
    its a perfect dream, your Love.

    Jaaa, liebe Dani,
    warst Du denn schon bei S+L?
    und nochmal jaa, das ist Masking Tape... und natürlich habe ich noch andere Farben und Muster ;-)

    ♥ Ariane.



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