Samstag, 21. Mai 2011

Drawing challenge #17: HAND

Nach Aristoteles hat jede Handlung 
einen Anfang, eine Mitte und ein Ende. 
Genauso also, wie die manuelle (manus, lat. = hand), handwerkliche 
Herstellung eines Perlenringes: 

Aristotle thinks each 'Hand-lung' (german for 'story telling'. It describes a course of events.) has got an beginning, a midst and an end. Ditto as the handcrafted manufacture (manus, lat. = hand) from a ring of pearls:

Am Anfang ist die Idee. 
Meistens ist es eine besondere Farbe von einem Perlring, die zu einem Kleid oder zu Schuhen oder zu einer Tasche passen soll. 

In the beginning is the idea. 
Mostly it is a specific colour from a ring of pearls that shall fits to a dress or shoes or a hand-bag.

Manchmal erscheint einem die Handlung etwas sprunghaft... 

Sometimes the storyline appears a little bit erratic...

... und manchmal langsam... 

... and sometimes slowly...

... dann lass ich mich ablenken... 

... than I'm open for take my mind off things...

... aber zum Glück finde ich zur Mitte zurück und verbinde weiter... 

...but blessedly I find back to the center and connect on...

... Perle an Perle bis zum Ende. 

... pearl by pearl to the End.

Meistens habe ich dann schon wieder eine Idee für einen neuen Ring! 

Most often I've got again an idea for a new ring!

This weekly drawing challenge is hosted by busy Nadine.  Come on over to her place to shake a lot of HANDs! Very inspiring theme, can't stop me...

16 Kommentare:

  1. Wow! What a beautiful ring. I loved watching how you (sort of) made it! It's stunning and matches your nailpolish.

    There was a picture on Pinterest yesterday of a old person's hand reaching out to touch the fingers of a little child's hand. It was beautiful. Hands and fingers are part of what makes us human really.

    That's enough waffling from me, Ariane!

  2. Dear Carmel,
    waffling? No! It is a beautiful picture, indeed. Thank you for share this. And now, back to your exam... good luck!
    x Ariane.

  3. sista! you can do this???? oh my. i have always been in awe for crafts(wo)men who make these beady rings. i'm sure i do not understand how it's done... mystery!
    i am touched by your post, all in the colour tones of shady peony...
    as for the hand written letter, 'slip' me your address, and i'll write. long hand should be coming back into fashion...

  4. Lovely ring and beautiful pictures!
    love handmade jewelry

  5. wauw!
    lovely images and story
    and the result, grand!

    great post Ariane!!

  6. My lovelies,
    thank you for your 'floral' comments!
    Making the ring was tough 'cause I'm out of practice... I'm now blogging, you know?!
    ♥ Ariane.

  7. beauuuutiful!!!! another talent you reveal you magical lady you? as always, so pretty so thoughtful so unmistakably Ariane. what a lovelylllllllllllllllll impressive post my dear. xo

  8. Hello Ariane, wonderful to see your creative hands making a most beautiful ring, lovely interpretation of the theme.

  9. Beautiful! Both the ring and the interpretation of the theme! And you made me really curious with the following post; henna hands and the Nile. What where you doing there?

  10. Thank you, Renilde.
    Nice to see you here.

    Dear Elisabeth,
    thank you very much. And, hmmm, yes, what were I doing at the Nile? Maybe I try to open my heart and let my soul taking a bath...?


  11. Not only was it amazing to see the process in which yo made this gorgeous ring! But the colors! Those beads clustered look like a ripe raspberry and the nail polish like juice from that berry. that bountiful berry color and the peony! A favorite next to the tulip...This all makes for delicious eye candy.
    What a talent. Thank you for sharing.

    Is there a host this week? I shall root around and find out.

  12. Yes, dear Rachel,
    please be our host... (your name has dropped at Elisabeth's place also).
    Its wednesday, so please publish your theme today?


  13. Dear Rachel,
    my favorites are Tulips, Peony also - and of course Roses. I love it when the blossoms of flowers have a wonderful change...lifelily. Thank you for your sweet comment and for this theme: Love! wow.

    Dear Isabelle de la Ile de France,
    thank you very much!

    x Ariane.



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