Sonntag, 26. Juni 2011

Drawing challenge #22: BODY

Our body: A wonderfully beautiful hull for life.

Sometimes condensed...

sometimes permeable...

 and sometimes made out of clay.

Our hostess this week is my lovely friend Julia with BODY. 
Please visit her amazing place to look at wonderful bodies of her and other creative buddies around the wordl!

No. 21 Wings
*No. 22 'BODY' 25.06. + 26.06.2011 Julia

No. 23 MONSTER 09. + 10.07.2011 Julia

No. 24 Nadine 16. + 17.07.2011
No. 25 Rachel 23. + 24.07.2011

14 Kommentare:

  1. Mir gefallen die leichten, fliessenden Körper aber mein absoluter Favorit ist diese grinsende Tondame - man fängt unwillkürlich an zu lächeln! Und das ist doch schon mal was!
    Alles liebe Barbara

  2. Again that delicacy in your water-colour drawings, a fragiity i also see in your photos and somehow very touching.
    And the clay lady, oh dear, make some more, she is so wonderful! xx

  3. mmmmm....

    that permeable one
    love it
    it is all
    so feminine
    and soft

    (Splinter is a him)

  4. Hello Ariane, I loved the way you expose your art, and his manner of writing. I was just making a visit to your blog, and I love it. I hope you do not bother because I'm following you.

  5. dear ariane,
    here the sun sets quite early. around 8 or so? i was so happy to get some midsummer scandinavian light the other week!

    beautiful your drawings. what an amazing house we live in, the body, allowing us to feel see taste smell and hear.

  6. You have such a talent with water colors as well. I wish I had your way of seeing things; simple, yet so artistic and beautiful.

    Have a wonderful Sunday evening, Ariane!

  7. farben mit wasser fließen lassen. passt so gut zu body. besteht er doch aus 60-70 prozent wasser. bild no. 3 - pretty in pink - ist mein favorit.

    das mitmalen beim drawing challenge hat wirklich sehr viel spaß gemacht!

    bambi von alles im fluss

  8. gorgeous silhouettes, so feminine. reminds me of my own body, lest i forget. sweet, sweet.

  9. I love your water colors drawing, beautiful colors.
    The soft clay almost prehistoric women figurine... Beautiful

  10. Liebe Barbara,
    ich habe auch (verwundert) gelächelt, als ich sie formte!

    Dear Renilde,
    thank you, xx.

    Dear Patrice,
    Splinter is a very sweet him...

    Hello Julia Lemos,
    your welcome.

    Dear flying Sara,
    yes, its an amazing house, our body.

    Dear Ansku,
    thank you, made me blushing...

    Liebstes Bambi von alles im Fluss,
    Deine Körper sind großartig!

    Dear Nadine,
    reminds you of beeing a woman? I think sometimes I need a reminder too...

    Dear Hagar,
    thank you and your Marie Prevost thread is amazing!

  11. oh i love that little squishy clay body!!!!:)
    and the soft wonderful watery memories of carrying a baby. mmmmmmmmmm!

  12. oh nein bin zu schnell weitergereist, mein kommentar flog auch davon...
    wunderschön deine wasserfrauen liebste ariane, zart und stark!
    das lächeln der kleinen tonfrau ist herzzerreissend, hab einen schönen tag, deine julia

  13. i've actually asked elisabeth if perhaps we could try and 'organise' the weekly drawing challenges a little, since she started the original idea. i'd love to get on with the weekly initiative, but you already know that. let's see what happens?

  14. Danke sehr, meine Lieben.
    Thank you very much, my lovelies!

    In this week it seems to be more quite... Many of us are on the way for holidays as Elisabeth. She will be back in august.

    If somebody throw a theme and is the host for next week?... I'd catch it! (and publish earlier as weekend, cause I'll on the way to danmark next saturday.)

    Who wants?




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