Sonntag, 5. Juni 2011

Summer in springtime

The weather has been very fine this weekend in Hamburg, Germany! 
So we've enjoyed relaxing in a wonderful garden of good friends - the right balance to everyday life... and BALANCE is the new theme for this week's drawing challenge! 
Elisabeth and Jasmin, Nadine and Patrice, Renilde and Hagar, Claudia and Maria,
Rachel and Stephanie, Dani, Julia and me will take part...
what about you?

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  1. oh! right. i hadn't expected to read about a new theme. my eye was so drawn to image #3 right here. scorcher of a weekend though, no? so you've had your share of the heat up there too?

    balance, you say? mhmmm.
    i am in.

  2. Balance - that's great. Seeing as you are so warm now and I am freezing!

    Who is next with a word - I haven't thrown one in for a while.... or should a new person to the drawing group?


  3. balance
    just perfect!

    I am trying to find some balance
    in my everyday life

    so, I am in

  4. Oh yes Ariane seems like summer is very early this year, i'm off to water some plants and i'm in for BALANCE, x

  5. Hi Ariane, das sieht nach einem perfekten Sommertag aus!

  6. My dear bestblogfriends, nice to see you.

    Dear Nadine,
    after the scorcher the balance tray is full of raindrops now.

    Dear Jasmin,
    so, please throw your theme, we'll catch it! And maybe afterwards a new member to the drawing group will throw a theme.

    Dear Patrice,
    I'm glad and nosy.

    Dear Renilde,
    'some plants'? I've just seen your tomato plants! wow

    Liebe Barbara,
    das stimmt. Ich habe im Garten unter sanft rauschenden Bäumen gelegen und ganz weit in der Ferne kleinen Flugzeugen zugeguckt, wie sie feine, weiße Linien hinter sich hergezogen haben. Bis der Ruf "wollt ihr Zucker auf die Erdbeeren?" mich zurückholte. Seufz.
    x Ariane.

  7. Balance...?LOL
    That is a good one for me...I'm in..:-)

  8. beautiful pictures!!
    i have a question regarding the challenges. is it strictly drawing or can it be photography also? the theme is great and very "now:. ;)

  9. Me too!
    Hamburg looks so lovely.


  10. Dear Claudia,
    sometimes this drawing challenge is a really challenge...
    If I heard Elisabeth from right (and she is our wonderful initiator of this drawing challenge), we wanna be creative by making by hand... but more important is the creative process.
    Dear Elisabeth, please correct me if I am wrong!

    And dear Claudia, Welcome!

    And dear Maria and dear Rachel,
    I count you in.

    ♥ Ariane.

  11. Thank you Ariane. I will try my hardest to find "balance" and do something. I'm in! :)

  12. Chère Ariane la Rose,

    die Sehnsucht nach Paris und Dir ist sowieso schon da, aber jetzt schmerzt sie. Wage nicht zu träumen -LouvreMarchedePusseRuerivoliCaféaulaitImSeptember? - Schluss jetzt!
    Das Sommerbild mit dem Farn ist mein Lieblingsbild.
    Die Gummihandschuhe sind so erfrischend - bei Dir. Bei mir nicht.

  13. dear ariane
    i only recently learned that word in hebrew. and was so happy once i knew it. so useful.
    there is so much balancing to do in life. fine tuning. (another favorite word of mine) looks like very pretty summer days.are you making something from the elderberry? or are those white flowers not elderberry?

    love to you

  14. Lovely photos!I particularly love the one with the leaf's reflection in the bowl-Beautiful-Your photos always looks so serene-x

  15. what a gift
    you did send
    to Jasmin!
    I must say
    I am jealous....

    they made me think of Ritva
    and her beautiful white house

    you are a warm and special person
    dear Ariane

  16. YOur summer looks very fine indeed. so gentle and the city?! I am in for this weekend. :)

  17. Liebe Ariane,

    Balance... Auf Portugiesisch heißt es auch balanço. Nebenbei heißen diese Kinderschaukeln in Parks auch so :) Wobei wir beim Thema wären - ich würde gerne mitmachen!


    Dein Paket

  18. Komm' auf die Schaukel, Daaani!
    Freu mich,
    x Ariane.

  19. great balance!
    and perfect summerdays!



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