Samstag, 18. Juni 2011

Drawing challenge #21: WINGS

I've winged high 
and plung elegant into white colour. With whitened wing tips I've alighted on paper and leave my marks. 

Do you know 
that our 
right lung 
is bigger 
the left 


'Angel of peace'

On my flight I've come across with pruned wings...

... and wings of insects, transparent...

or colourful...

and with the white wings of a little girl...

and wings of a Roller from Albrecht Dürer...

or Greek mythology from a advertising agency...

and waiting for Julia with the wings of a tiny sparrow.

Sometimes I feel like Mercury... so, please, brandishes yourselves and take a flight to enchanting Jasmin and look at other wings.

No. 21 'Wings' 18.06.+19.06.2011 Jasmin

No. 22 'BODY' 25.06. + 26.06.2011 Julia

13 Kommentare:

  1. dearest Ariane

    I am IN LOVE with your white wings
    so, SO beautiful

  2. Dearest Patrice,
    I feel really honored

  3. erröte nur schöne rose, das sieht bestimmt ganz hinreissend aus!!
    ich bin hin+weg von deinen flügelbildern auf dem gräulichen papier,
    so zart und schön. xxx, julia

  4. your white wings!
    are you dreamy, or what?
    i love this undertow in your way of blogging, you know, here now are literal white, fluffy wings that do are in all of your posts. i understand better!

  5. Oh, how wonderful! You are such an artist, dear Ariane. By the way, I had no idea that my right lung was bigger than the left one. :D

  6. Ariane, your wings and feathers, so lovely in white. The inspiration you found is fun to see as well. The little sparrow, the little girl...

  7. O wow your withened wing tips, beautiful!!! x

  8. Liebe Julia,
    ich flattere gleich mal mit nun rosafarbenen Flügeln zu dir 'rüber...

    Dear Nadine,
    you understand better!

    Dear Ansku,
    nice to see you here, always.

    Dear Rachel,
    thank you, sweet butterfly,
    this last week was full of wings, everywhere!

    Dear Renilde,
    I'm glad, thank you.


  9. I love the white wings against the grey background, beautiful work...

    By the way - is another challenge coming next week?

  10. Dear Hagar,
    thank you.
    And, I think so that the drawing challenge is coming next week...
    but I don't know who is our host (25.+ 26.06.2011)... maybe initiator Elisabeth from textilspanieln or Jasmin from jazzytwoshoes know?


  11. hello friend!
    what a beautiful lofty post! i esp love the little red haired girl with the memory of a wing behind her.
    i have been so busy and away from my computer.
    i will post balance and wings soon, will let you know.
    coming home to you. instant calm. thank you!

  12. Ohhh, dearest Milady, my friend, I'm glad!
    You're always on my mind, you busy bee, achieving balance.
    Love and big hugs,

  13. oh fly high on your pretty wings sweet ariane.
    i love their simplicity and beauty.



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