Samstag, 28. Januar 2012

Drawing challenge #47: Another Roadside Attraction

Last week on a nigh on colourless Friday morning

as I've moved from Hamburg

 through Mecklenburg to Berlin

 the train stopped at the station of Ludwigslust.

 My eyes slided up on a beautiful pillar which
ended in a wonderful capital...

 I've fallen in a silken slumber and dreamed of springtime in Greece 
during the continuation of my journey...

 This week's drawing challenge is hosted by beautiful Greek Norwegian Demie
Please have a look at her palace for 'another roadside attractions'.

 I've painted the capital with angels with watercolour and... tea.
The station of Ludwigslust is builded in 1846 in a classistic architecture. This style recreate the one of the ancient Greeks.

 No. 45 Teatime
No. 46 Bundle

NOW: No. 47 Demie with 'Another Roadside Attraction'

who is next?
No. 48 ? 04.+05.02.2012

No. 49 Renilde 11.+12.02.2012

14 Kommentare:

  1. what a special roadside attraction Ariane! thank you!
    your art work is so detailed , it has depth and a feeling of looking at it while standing lower....
    the idea of painting with tea is new to me and sounds intriquing!

    thank you again for this trip to "my past" . i am very touched by it : )

  2. I like the way you link things together
    your travel to Berlin
    meeting Sara
    and finding a Greek pillar
    which made you think of Demie


  3. Ariene, this is so lovely! Your pillar is beautifully painted. I haven't heard of anyone painting with tea but I will give it a try this week. The subtle colours gives the pillar a look of antiquity. Lovely......

  4. tell us the story of ludwigslust! did ludwig have a good time there? what ludwig are we talking about? such an attractive name of a place!
    stunning, the drawing/aquarel. those dreams are the best, that you can translate them straight onto paper. ariane, i love it! i see demie's talking 'baout tea. did you? paint with it?

  5. die farblosigkeit in deinen bildern gibt der reise ein sanftes und träumerisches. du hast die gabe liebe ariane dem geflüster von engeln zu lauschen. und zeigst uns, dass eine attraktion ganz leise sein kann. hab mich gern mitnehmen und wegträumen lassen.


  6. Such a beautiful station,the combination of the blue seats and the attractive pilar is beautiful and it works, the tenderness of your (tea)water-colour, the softness of it is wonderful, xx

  7. deine reise ist einfach nur bezaubernd!
    herzlichen gruß, mano

  8. Dear Ariane,

    Love your beautiful gentle drawing (as always...:-) and the used of tea in it is...
    The picture of the station is wonderful- looks to me like a frame from an old movie..., xx

  9. mmmmmmm....
    you artist!
    i think of your smiles and giggles still!
    and got back from germanyland two nights ago. tired, but happily so!
    have you read another roadside attraction?

  10. Dear Ariane,
    Your artwork it's so beautiful and delicate as always, the picture of the station with the blue seats is amazing!

  11. I really want to get on a train and travel through Germany. That is my husbands dream as well. It was his dream first, and since I've seen bits of Germany through your eyes the past couple of years, it's mine too.
    The pilar is lovely as the tones of watercolor and tea. It is so Ariane!

  12. Dear Ariane; such lovely, soft pictures, like paintings:) I love them!! And tea, it is a nice color, too;)



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