Samstag, 14. Januar 2012

Drawing challenge #45: TEATIME

First: the preparation.

Boiling water, black teas, herbal- and fruittea.

The ceremony for the japan macha follows.

Add 70°C hot water with stirring.

Secondly: the painting.
Its a nice tea colour scale I've painted in watercolours.

Then I cut it out and 
lay down on canvas which I've coloured with pigment of 'Russian green'.

Thirdly: 5 o'clock... TEATIME!
 + one coffee and some sandwiches and scones

Have you located your cup?

 Oh, you miss a green teaflower ? - Here you are:

 Be careful, its hot!

For this week's drawing challenge
I receive as guests this blend of lovely Ladies... wish it were real...


Please enjoy their fabulous places for TEATIME.

 No. 45 Ariane with 'Teatime' 14.+15.01.2012

next: No. 46 Rachel with 'BUNDLE' 21.+22.01.2012

No. 47 Demie with '?' 28.+29.01.2012

who is next?

19 Kommentare:

  1. mmmm....
    I can smell the different scents of tea

    I like your drawing
    and the soft watercolors
    the round table setting
    which reminds me a bit
    of my breakfast setting
    oh, how lovely it would be
    to actually sit together
    chatting and drinking tea
    I would love that


    1. You're right, dear Patrice
      the round table setting! Of course...
      And for 'breakfast' I've painted with cocoa and coffee... and now with different teas.

      I would love to sit together with you and the other ladies! No matter what drink.

      xx Ariane.

  2.!!! what a beautiful blissful spell!! your tea time is gorgeous and art is magical...thankyou my friend for this dazzling tribute...I feel enchanted now! Pure gorgeousness in all that you share and create!!
    Happy tea time...
    hugs and sparkles...

    1. How exuberant...
      Thank you, dear Victoria.
      I'll come to your teatime!
      x Ariane.

  3. isn't this just a highly ceremonial testimony! what a feeling.
    i love the surprising delicacy of your cardinal tea time table, and i feel deeply honoured to draw up to the table.

    ariani, you queen, your dare-devil, you magical number!
    i love your imagination!
    and the tea flower, of course.

    1. Dear Nadeschda,
      tiny WOOLF,
      have you found your green earl grey and a dash of fennel? (close to the sugar and honey)

      Looking forward for your teatime.


  4. oh Ariane! this is absolutely gorgeous!
    so very well thought and built up : )

    you are great and i would love to sit by this table and enjoy my cup of tea with all of you!

    ( ...and every time you ask who is next i feel a guilty hint ...)

  5. Wow Ariane, what a beautiful table you've prepared!
    Love your table and the different tea types drawing...The green tea-flower- is great..I'll have to get one soon...:-)

  6. ...greetings new friend! ~ thankyoU sO very very much for the share! ~ (victoria sent me to yoU! ~ oooh, thankyoU kiki!)...
    ...yoU are utterly enchantingly whimsically beautiful!...
    ...your tea party! ~ sO ~ reminds me of the tiniest little tea sets my gaurdians presented to me ~ when i was a weeeeh bit younger ~ like about three/four years old!...
    ...with ~ love ~ enchantment ~ inspiration ~ and a paradigm shift ~ toward your warm embracing direction!...

  7. ariane,
    your tea colors and paintings are beautiful! i wish i could really be at that table.
    amazing macha! and the tea flower is amazing, i have experienced this miracle before.
    i love to be in line to host as well.

    come to my place for coffeeeeeeee.


  8. das ist unglaublich schön liebste ariane. die dreidimensionalität verlockt zum spielen und geheimnisvolle märchenwelten. kindheitserinnerungen werden wach. als klein-tatjana sich solche welten schuf. mit farben, schere und papier. danke dafür!

    und auch diese teeblume fasziniert...


  9. liebste ariane, wie wunderschön, ich kann all die herrlichen teesorten riechen!
    danke nochmal für deine wundervolle idee, ich stell mir das alles in echt vor und bin voller sehnsucht nach einem wirklichen treffen.... ♥ julia

  10. I know I keep repeating myself, but you are such an artist, my friend! If I were you I'd frame that tea table and set it on the kitchen wall to look at every time I had tea! :)

  11. Oh such a pleasure and totally wonderful experience to sit at your table, just adore all the cups against the beautiful 'Russian green'(seems we had the same color in mind),a tea journey at its best!! thank you dear Ariane, xx

  12. deine teerunde ist einfach nur entzückend, zauberhaft und ungemein liebenswert, liebenswürdig.
    wie schön, an diesem tisch mit allen zu sitzen, zu schwatzen, zu probieren, zu staunen...
    eine ganz feine idee und eine wunderschöne ausführung!
    ich bin ganz, ganz begeistert! mano

  13. wow,
    this is truly impressive!
    i love this teatime post ofyours dear ariane.
    isn't it amazing the jasmine flower?

  14. Dear blogfriends,
    this TEATIME has been amazing and heartily and really a pleasure... I thank you very much for drop in at the Castle... your nice comments on this table round here.... can hear your voices and giggling.
    A delightful prelude!

    Who will be our next host? Do I have this right, you dear Rachel? or you, dear Demie?


  15. Ariane,
    I am happy to host, unless of course Demi wants to go ahead of me! That is fine too.
    Yes, Miss Greta has been too busy playing ( and saying farewell to friends) to get to her teatime. I'll put a little fire under her today.

    I'll wait to hear from Demi as to whether or not she'd like to host this week.
    I have a theme up my sleeve for this week or next.


    1. Dear Rachel,
      you are our next host and Demie will follow the weekend after next.

      Let the theme out of your sleeve, please...




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